Combining a life-long love of art and travel with an extensive and varied background in the arts and media, Sherri Lasko is an award-winning photographer recognized for her informal elegance and instinctual connection with her subjects. Whether it be the sparkle in a child's eyes, an inner glow, a serenity in time and space -- Sherri's goal is always to capture the true essence of a subject.

Classical training in music (piano and conducting), an extensive performance background, and growing up in an atmosphere of art and creativity all developed into a career combining various arts and art forms. Owner of Lasko Design, a graphic design and marketing firm, Sherri uses all of these skills in her daily business and creative endeavors. Along with her design business, her skills and training in photography and videography have developed into a professional venture with private clients (portrait and location), as well as gallery shows/sales of her landscape and abstract photography.

Besides the galleries shown here, you can see more of her design work and photography on her website, or through her shops at
 or Follow on Instagram at LaskoPhotography.

All inquiries are welcome. Please email: [email protected]